Recently Published Poems in Lyre Lyre and Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure

“Five Variations Within a Sphere” published in Lyre Lyre. Issue Three, April 2012.
Check out this excellent journal, with audio poetry, and some great, new voices in poetry. I’m so happy to be included among these fine artists. Thank you Lyre Lyre editors!

In February, I also had a poem selected by Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure.  It was part of their “Valentine’s Day Potpourri” and it was Petrarchan sonnet, a form I usually do not write in.  Check out my poem “The Lady in Gustav Klimt’s Expectation.”   And while there, you can peruse some great artists and writers with their own “remedies for tedium,” as Dr. Hurley ordered. 😉

-Diana Norma

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