Book Announcement: Parallel Sparrows (Finishing Line Press)

I have some good news I would like to share with you.  Parallel Sparrows, my book of poems & photographs, is coming out from Finishing Line Press.  Here is what some others have said about the book:

“To be sure Parallel Sparrows is a beautiful collection of poems, full of vulnerability and tactile precision, but add to that Szokolyai’s introspective photographs and what you have is a book that is an object in it its right—less an artifact than a living offshoot from a particular imagination whose hunger for “good questions…the ones that flow in underground rivers…ones that surface, to go unheard…” is indeed as bountiful and urgent as the mind that made them.”

-Peter Richards, author of Oubliette, Nude Siren, and Helsinki & recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize

“In these pages, Diana Norma Szokolyai’s poems and photos draw our attention to the invisible, to silence, to the unknown, and to unanswered (and perhaps unanswerable) questions. In Norma’s world, what matters most hangs by a thread, yet a thread of profound strength, like, as she writes, “the work of a red spider (…) between two rose bushes.” These pages invite you to slow down, linger, wonder and appreciate.  Why resist that invitation?” 

-Steve Seidel, Director of the Arts in Education program, Harvard University

“Diana Norma Szokolyai’s Parallel Sparrows presents a series of meditations on the very fibers and ether that make and unmake language, that explore the delicate relationship between utterance, breath, and the creation of poetry, and that dance between “real molecules / and the vacuum of dream worlds.” Szokolyai’s collection of poems is a quest to come closer to and recreate that unknown variable of beauty and epiphany which appears in flashes of gold, flesh, lace, and even in the stems of flowers. Scattered amongst Szokolyai’s lyrical meditations are photographic portraits imbued with ethereal lights and imprints of the uncanny.  These images reverberate quietly like the poems they juxtapose, and invite the reader to take a second look.”   

-Rita Banerjee, author of Cracklers at Night and A Night with Kali

“Each page of Parallel Sparrows opens into another vista and takes us deeper. The moving poems and exquisite photographs work together beautifully. This book is a gem!”

-Kathleen Spivack, Pulitzer Prize nominated author of The Beds We Lie In and With Robert Lowell and His Circle

Pre-publication sales will determine the press run, so if you would like a book, please reserve your copy now. Shipping is only $1.99 per copy until September 8th!
To order, you may go to the book’s page online here and simply add it to your “cart” or you may visit, click on “Pre-order forthcoming titles,” and scroll down to my name in the authors list.

You may also order by this completing the form below and sending a payment of $12.00 + $1.99 for shipping, to:

Finishing Line Press

P.O.Box 1626

Georgetown, KY 40324

Also, the first fifty people to order will be sent a recording of the poem “Underground Rivers,” set to the beautiful music of South American musician Sebastian Wesman.  Please visit my new author page on Facebook: DianaNormaWritings and send me a private message or post with your email address, and I’ll send you the recording.



Please send me ______ copy/copies of Parallel Sparrow, by Diana Norma Szokolyai at $12.00 each (shipping $1.99).


Name ___________________________



City, State, Zip Code




email: ____________________


Method of payment:

Enclosed is my check, payable to Finishing Line Press, for $__________.


 Please charge my credit card $ __________. ____Visa ____Mastercard


Name as if appears on the card _________________________________________________


Credit card number ______________________________________________

Expiration date __________

Card verification number (3-digit number on back of card, far right) _____


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