Chagall PAC “Dual Reality” Interactive Media Performance Outpost

recordings from the performance:

Saturday 6 April @ OUTPOST 186, 8PM, $5/10

Chagall Performance Art Collaborative Presents

New Music, Soundpainting and Poetry with Jon Amon, saxophone


186.5 Hampshire Street

Inman Square, Cambridge

Central Square T Stop

As usual, Soundpainting workshop at 6pm!  Come learn some gestures!

This evening will feature some world-premiere performances of Sounds in Bloom repertoire (ChagallPAC artists Dennis Shafer, saxophone and Diana Norma, poetry), and Jon Amon will play Memories of Xiaoxiang by Lei Liang and Night Bird by Karen Tanaka. Stick around long enough and you’ll experience more interactive games and Soundpainting.


Jon Amon – saxophone / MaryJoy Patchett – saxophone / David Wang – Violin / Eck Sierra – saxophone

ChagallPAC: Diana Norma Szokolyai – poetry / Dennis Shafer – saxophone

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