poem “Ambrosia of Bees” featured in Battle of the Bees Concert: Brooklyn College


“The Beekeeper’s Daughter” -painting by Marge Nelk

Saturday 13 April @ Brooklyn College, 4:30PM, FREE

Battle of the Bees Concert

Dennis Shafer solo saxophone and Soundpainting performance in collaboration with members of the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra and the Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble

Roosevelt Hall, room 312

Brooklyn College

Campus Road

Brooklyn NY

Flatbush Av Brooklyn College (2,5)

Dennis Shafer plays works by Benjamin Britten, David Krebs, and J.S. Bach, and Soundpaints responses to these pieces! All elements of nature have their respective pitches. A beehive normally buzzes at the pitch of A natural.  The earth vibrates at a little above C sharp.

Members of Tours Soundpainting Orchestra will join the Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble.  Come later to the Talent School around the corner to see the TSO perform afterward!  No Soundpainting performance is the same.


Dennis Shafer, saxophone soloist and Soundpainter

Eve Boltax, Viola, MaryJoy Patchett, Saxophone

Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble

Arijit Chakraborty – Piano / Anastasia Snegireva – Flute / Aaron Rourk – Bass Clarinet / Joshua Joseph – Keyboard / Edrick Subervi and Akio Mokuno – Electronics / Diana Norma Szokolyai – Poetry/ Monica Carrillo – Performance Poetry / Daniel Levine – Trumpet / Yeonaton Shachar and Brian Abbott – Guitar

Tours Soundpainting Orchestra

Angelique Cormier – Soundpainter / Madeline Ardouin – Violin+Voice / Maud Beraudy – Actress+Clown / Linda Bocquel – Actress+Visual Art / Dominique Chanteloup – Drums / Benjamin Chapelot – Actor / Gaetan Coutable – Violin+Voice / Jacqueline Devaux – Saxophone / Amandine Gravier – Actress / Sylvie Lasalle – Voice / Guillaume Le Baube – Photographer / Thomas Lesigne – Bass / Anne-Laure Renard – Dancer / Cecilia Ribault – Dancer / Alain Ribis – Piano / Muriel Richard – Voice / Juliette Rillard – Voice / Sylvain Roudier – Saxophone / David Simon – Guitar / Amelie Thouin – Voice


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