Chagall PAC Outpost Series: New Music, Soundpainting, Poetry, Singing Bowls, Saxophones, Cello and Eight Foot Manchild

art by Marge Nelk


Saturday 4 May @ OUTPOST 186, 8PM, $5/10

Chagall Performance Art Collaborative Presents

New Music, Soundpainting and Poetry with singing bowls, saxophones, Cello and Eight Foot Manchild


186.5 Hampshire Street

Inman Square, Cambridge

Central Square T Stop

As usual, Soundpainting workshop at 6pm!  Come learn some gestures!

This evening we will have Eight Foot Manchild: a band that draws from rock, metal, free jazz, classical, world folk and cartoon music. This evening they will be playing a composition from their upcoming debut album. Also come see the newest compositions by David Krebs, who is composing backing tracks of mixed down fixed media using bee sounds and other samples for a harmonious Soundpainting backdrop.  Also a CLEPSYDRA surprise!

Eight Foot Manchild: Dylan Foley – Guitar / Sara Honeywell – Trombone

ChagallPAC: Diana Norma – poetry & cello / Dennis Shafer – saxophone + Soundpainter / Jon Amon – saxophones

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