Literary Circus Tonight at 7:15 Ceol Pub 191 Smith St. BK LIT CRAWL


BREAKING NEWS: The time and location of the circus has changed. Due to a crazy lion hyped up on tranquelizers tearing down our venue, the circus will now open an hour later, at 7:15 pm, at Ceol Pub on 191 Smith Street. Hope to see everyone there

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to the most end-defying literary event of the decade. Ringleaders Max March-Steinman and Diana Norma Szokolyai host a night of high-flying writing acrobatics drawing from literary treasure boxes of prompts, dialogue, and other surprises. See the incredible syllable juggling poet, whose tongue spits out sounds so quickly that they fly beyond the walls of the tent. Witness the amazing paragraph masquerade; you don’t know which character from which century will make the next appearance. Gasp at the sideshow of special guest story contortionists like the famed Gregory Crosby and more!

This event is interactive and volunteer readers/performers will be called up for interludes of poetry, rants, and character sketches about the circus throughout the ages.

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