performance with Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble at The Inkwell June 13

Thursday 13 June @ The Inkwell, Doors 7:30PM, $5/10


PLG Arts presents…


Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble and


408 Rogers Ave

(between Sterling St & Lefferts Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11225

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Sterling St or President St (2, 5), Prospect Park (B, Q, S)

(718) 675-6145


Come see The Soundpainting Troupe open for the BrooklynSoundpainting Ensemble in this cozy Brooklyn bar the Ink Well. The Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble has performed in small venues like Pete’s Candy Store and larger ones like Brooklyn College.  Recently they collaborated with the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra in Battle of the Bees, a concert featuring artists mixing live bee sounds in the performance.  With Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble, every performance is unique.  Discover this live composing art with us at the Inkwell on June 13, and a debut opening performance with TheSoundpainting Troupe.


The Brooklyn Soundpainting Ensemble

Dennis Shafer, Soundpainter

Arijit Chakraborty – Piano 

Anastasia Snegireva – Flute 

Aaron Rourk – Bass Clarinet 

Joshua Joseph – Keyboard

Edrick Subervi and Akio Mokuno – Electronics

Diana Norma and Monica Carrillo – Performance Poetry 

Daniel Levine – Trumpet

Yeonaton Shachar and Brian Abbott – Guitar

The Soundpainting Troupe

Yeonaton Shachar, Soundpainter

Justin Sant – Guitar

James Krivchenia- drums

Ehud Ettun- bass

Gadi Stern- piano

Thomas Weeks- baritone sax

Daniel Levine- trumpet 


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