Zumest, last salon of the season

Zumest, a very cool performance art salon in Brooklyn, had its last show of the season on Friday, April 11th, 2014.

The night was filled with psychedelic, electronic beats, watching videos projected on the ceiling, dancing while throwing fabric in the air, and ethereal voices of some of the best performance artists in NYC.  At times, everything seemed suspended and surreal, surrounded with the beautiful ambience of lantern lights and twisted red fabric.

At the end of the evening, I gave an impromptu poetry performance with Jake Adams of Globular Cluster and Dennis Shafer.  I read through some new works, and ended with an old poem, “During a Sort of Apocalyptic Day.”

Zumest is a great place to see wonderful, new performance art.  The series is run by the brilliant, interdisciplinary artist Gof Parnmongkol, a.k.a. Lemur Onkyokei. Here’s a photo of Jake and Gof performing at Zumest.


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