Poetry in the Garden Workshop

poetry in garden july 20 JPEG


Here are some of the poems freshly written at the Poetry in the Garden Workshop today:

“Rain Barrel Mishap” by Nancy Halfon

The rain barrel drips
into the watering can

The spout got turned
so we cut and ran

Once we realized our
serious mistake

It was too heavy
to do a retake

“As I enter this lovely garden” by Marilyn Leiman

As I enter this lovely garden,
I am attacked by the sweet aromas
arising from the air.

I smell lavender, sage, mint–
I see beer alighting on the swamp marsh
wild bergamot and black-eyed susan–

What I like best of all
is the leather leaf vibenas
It truly looks like leather–
Untitled by Philip Dolinsky

All hear of this garden
is great with no mistakes
The trees like water
G-d is their supporter.
Free form group poem by Martha Newsom & group of children

The trash can
a beautiful shiny welcome
to our compost site
Trash can can eat things in
the garden
Trash can hungry
and so is William!


“Miniature Yellow, Growing Sun” by Diana Norma Szokolyai

Towering over the garden
You reach with your long neck
and keep watch over the other plants
You want to imitate the sunlight
A child’s arm reaches out,
touches your bristly stem.
You tap me on the shoulder,
shower of color
Bring me back
to that Hungarian field
when I was eleven, when I saw
millions of you suns
Grant me that wish!

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