Performance at Zumest’s Winter Ceremony, Brooklyn


Join us tonight at Zumest Brooklyn…I’ll be collaborating with Quebecois composer Jérémie Jones a.k.a. Noordwiijk..we’ll be performing Hullám/Wave …plus Dennis Shafer and I will do our NY premiere of Smell-O-Vision (poetry + sax + digital soundscapes+ delights for the sense of smell like Frankincense & Lavender)

Curators : ZuMest / Chagall Pac / Clash House

Present: Winter Ceremony

Lineup :

Akio Mokuna :Sonic Anagram♪-

Noordwiijk :Musician and composer Montreal based exploring the intimate meeting point of acoustic
and electronic music. Recents projects include collaboration with video artist
Myriam Boucher. New album to be released in January 2015.

The Chagall Performance Art Collaborative (Chagall PAC) is a community of artists committed to collaborating across the disciplines and exploring the ways we experience art. We believe art is never the same in any given moment, but rather evolving and continually being shaped by the imaginations of those who come into contact with it. We create performances that involve audience participation and expand to the newest reaches of contemporary performance art.
Chagall Performance Art Collaborative was co-founded by Diana Norma (literary artist) and Dennis Shafer (saxophonist). The pair met in Paris in 2006, and have been collaborating on a poetry-music project since, called Sounds in Bloom. When they started to collaborate with more artists from diverse disciplines, the Chagall PAC series was born. They perform in Boston, Paris, New York, and elsewhere in theaters, cultural institutes, concert halls, conservatories, salons, small gardens in Eastern Europe, art galleries, public spaces and forests.

@ 75 ocean ave #5C, Brooklyn

Door @ 8pm

Show 9pm

$7 comes with drink ticket at the door

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