Recording “Space Mothlight” curated by WFMU’s FMA

Six years ago, I collaborated with Project 5 a.m. on a piece called “Space Mothlight.” The poem was written for Jason Haye’s musical composition “The Stars are Beautiful” and was inspired by Stan Brakhage’s experimental film “Mothlight” and Virgina Woolf’s essay “Death of a Moth.”

Originally recorded in 2008, I’m pleased to say that Space Mothlight was recently released as part of Flux Without Pause’s (Jason Haye’s) album “Kairos-in-Chronos” (Free Music Archive, curated by WFMU)  You can listen to it and download it here:

Project 5 a.m., created by mutimedia artist Jason Haye, is about capturing and following the essence of being in the moment.  The cryptic aspects of the project reflect the Allen Ginsberg poem “Five A.m.”  The poem inspired the artist as well as the mystique of people, stories and philosophies that Jason has encountered on his journey.  Here is the track along with video

Space Mothlight video:

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