On the CC Hot 100 List!

Screenshot 2015-03-03 19.39.57

Hey folks,

So after a pretty long day, I came home to find out that Space Mothlight, my poem/song collaboration with the fabulously talented Jason Haye a.k.a. Flux Without Pause and Project 5a.m. just made it to the Creative Commons Hot 100 List, selected as #66 from more than 15,000 tracks.  On the Free Music Archive, we’re at 330 downloads and 1664 plays.

I’m feeling so thankful to be able to share this poem/song with so many people.


Screenshot 2015-03-03 19.40.40

How it’s ranked:

Every monday our robot fetches the last month legal and downloadable Creative Commonslicensed tracks from SoundcloudJamendoFree Music ArchiveArchive.org and ccMixter. That’s more than 15’000 tracks everytime. He runs them trough the Spam filter, sorts them by Hotrank® and spits out the Hot 100. That’s it. Enjoy.

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