RendrGram Performance at the Judson Thursday 4/16/15 8pm

So, even though I’m not in the Performance and Interactive Media Arts program like my hubby Dennis Shafer, I’m playing a small role performing a poem I wrote, as on of 15 collaborators, in the Rendrgram performance this Thursday 4/16/15 at 8 p.m.  So psyched! Address: 55 Washington Square Park South in Manhattan at the Judson. The show explores glitch art and how humans and technology are merging, and rendering the physical digital. There’ll be music, electronics, video art, and multiple installations, including a pyramid-shaped projection structure that the performers will perform inside of !! More at

Here are some pictures of us rehearsing and building the pyramid structure into the wee hours of the morning. The video is from my perspective writing and revising under the pyramid during a rehearsal… Being under the pyramid was so inspirational!

Link: Composing the Poem under the Pyramid (view from inside).


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