“The Triple Routine of Motherhood and the Urgency to Write”  (Essay) MER VOX Quarterly, January 15, 2018.

Review of Tara Skurtu’s Poetry Chapbook Skurtu, RomaniaLuna Luna Magazine. October 9, 2017.

“Affirmations of a Romani Woman” (Hybrid.) Anthology of Romani Feminist Writing. Forthcoming.

“Small Yellow in Palm” (poem). Our Last Walk Ed. Louis Hoffman. University Professors Press. 2016.

“The Defensive Male Writer” (Op-Ed). Report from the Field. VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts. June 28, 2015.

“hullám/wave” (poem). Quail Bell Magazine.  Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Series: Mis/translations. November 19, 2014.

“Sarajevo” (poem). Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History. Ed. by Trévien, Claire & Gareth Prior (2014).

“Toad’s Fugue”; “The Shootings of the Third of May (1814); “Space Mothlight” (poems). The Highwaymen NYC. Number 19. May 2014.

“Roy Rogers in the Missing Atomic Scientist.” (Radio Drama credits). Archived in Digital Americana. Consume issue. Spring/Summer 2013.  

“Becoming a Montessori Guide.” (poem). Montessori International Congress Program 2013. Montessori: Guided by Nature in Portland, Oregon.  Reprinted in Raintree Montessori School August 2013 Newsletter.

“Keeping Observations of the Moon” (essay).  Always Wondering: a mélange of Eleanor Duckworth and critical exploration.  Edited by W. Shorr, S. Hoidn, C. Lowry,  and E. Cavicchi.   Critical Exploration Press. Cambridge, MA. 2013.

“Community as Cathartic: A Conversation between Rita Banerjee & Diana Norma Szokolyai.” (Featured monthly interview article). HER KIND: VIDA Women in the Literary Arts. March 11, 2013.

“Still, electrified” (couplet for the Million Line Poem) Tupelo Press, 2013.

Parallel Sparrows (book of poems & photographs), Finishing Line Press, 2012.

“Retreat” (poem). selected for anthology: International Who’s Who in Poetry 2012.

“Five Variations Within a Sphere” (poem), Lyre Lyre, Issue Three, April 2012.

“The Lady in Gustav Klimt’s “Expectation” (Petrarchan sonnet), Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure, February 2012

Beneath the Surface: A New Version of Blue Beard, The Fiction Project (hand-written and drawn book), Art House Coop, archived at The Brooklyn Art Library, 2011

“The Charles and the Seine” (poem) On the River: The Cambridge Community Poem.  An Anthology by the People of Cambridge. Edited by Peter Payak.  Assembly Line Studio. Cambridge, 2011.

“Slow, slow the Turtles March Toward the Deep, Blue Sea” (essay), Teachers as Writers,  Harvard Graduate School of Education, Spring 2009

“The Charles and the Seine” (poem) Front page of The Boston Globe, February 2009

“Space Mothlight” (poem recording/multimedia), Area Zinc Art Magazine, Spring 2009

Roses in the Snow, (book of poetry), Imaginary Cottage Press, Spring 2008(first runner-up for best poetry book in the 2008 National DIY Book Festival)– “an annual competition honoring the best in independent publishing.”

“On my routine drive” (poem) The Dudley Review, Spring 2008

“Skeleton of a Whale” (poem), Up the Staircase, Summer 2008

“One Morning” (poem, electronic edition)Polarity, Fall 2008

“Re-examining Subjectivity and Deconstructing the Gypsy/Gadjo Paradigm: Education and Creation of the ‘Gypsy’ Poet” (Master’s Thesis) archived at Homer Babbidge Library/University of Connecticut (Storrs), 2007,  Centres des Etudes Tsiganes (Paris), &  Centre des Recherches Tsiganes/ Université de Paris V René Descartes

“Old Woman in Budapest: In this Metropolis, What is Offered to the Vulnerable, the Fragile?” (photograph and essay), Human Rights News, Human Rights Institute: University of Connecticut, vol. 1 issue 2, Spring 2006 (winner of the Human Rights Art Award)


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