Spoken Word

CHAGALL Performance Art Collaborative (ChagallPAC)

(harpist: Audrey Harrer)


* “Underground Rivers” – single released on Sebastian Wesman’s album, Astronomic Panoram OUT NOW! SEBASTIAN WESMAN “ASTRONOMIC PANORAM” 2ª Ed. / new artwork by Sarah Vacher LUSCINIA 2012 http://luscinia.ruidemos.org/



Diana Norma as “OPAL WATERS” (Poetry, Voice, Cello)
LEMUR ONKYOKEI (electronics, video, installations, guitar, voice,piano, toys)
DENNIS SHAFER (saxophone, wind instruments)
JESSIE NELSON (drums, voice, movement)

Howl Soundpainting Quartet
Soundpainting Performance Quartet comprised of
Diana Norma (poetry)         Dennis Shafer (saxophone)
Brian Abbot (guitar)            Etienne Roli (basset horn)

* Space Mothlight (withProject 5 a.m.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQx0XNMUipw 2010

* “Dreams for Mazes” collaboration with David Krebs – single released on Dennis Shafer’s album, Dennis Shafer and Friends


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